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Steaming Pile of Stuff

Nerdery Week – It’s been decided, so mark your calendars. Nerdery Week shall take place on February 17th – 23rd. Seven days of complete nerdiness interconnected through this world we like to call the internet. You’ll meet new people! You’ll see where they sit! You’ll see all the garbage they keep in their respective workspaces!

But TKT, I’m still confused …

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(Tap, Tap) Is This Thing On?

So yeah, it’s been a rough couple o’ weeks at the House of Troupe.

Firstly, we’ve been sick. Crazy sick. We’re talking something akin to the black plague, except without all the death and craziness. It was like a close second. Okay, maybe not, but still, it was pretty bad. – My wife had pink eye for a good week.…

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So Yeah, Ouch.

Okay, well I thought since I’m waiting for my chance to leave work and get on with my least favorite holiday, I’d share with you the ‘adventure’ I had over the weekend.

Here’s the thing. The house we bought (and live in today) has some problems with it. Not end-of-the-world-why-did-we-buy-this-money-pit stuff, but problems nonetheless. Our windows are horrible, the gutter …

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Back In The Groove? Uh. No.

Maybe it was writing a whole novel in 31 days that did this to me, but I swear, I feel like I’ve just the laziest of slobs this last week or so. Seriously. I’ve been jonesing to work on the editing of my GOODHALO novel for a couple of months, but when given the opportunity last night to do that…I …

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You know, as much as I love October and think this is the best time of the year, I’m really anxious for this October to be over.

– The weather has been crap. I want a crisp, brisk, autumn. Instead, it’s rained like all but 6 days this month. I’m usually not affected by weather (I live in Minnesota, after …

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Things I’m Looking Forward To…

Trying to kick out a full length novel over the course of a summer isn’t easy. Trying to do 60% of it in the last month is downright intimidating. Because August is Fast Draft Month for me and a slew of folks on the Verla Kay Blue Boards, I’ve given up a lot of stuff to make this happen.

When …

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