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4 Years. 4 Weeks.

4 Years

First and foremost, today is Travis’s birthday. My oldest little guy is 4 years old today. Seriously…4 years. Just like that. I’m amazed it’s already been that long and though it’s cliched to say, it’s stunning how quickly time passes. We were just at the hospital, feeding the little cone-headed dude. Like it was yesterday.

But alas, we …

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Red Lining Done!

In a bit or irony, I’ve finished red-lining GOODHALO. Sort of fitting on Valentine’s Day, eh? You know with the red and the zombies and the…


Anyway. It’s a big step toward being closer to getting this puppy ready for ‘prime time.’ As quick as I am with other parts of this process, technical editing is always (for me) …

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