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(Tap, Tap) Is This Thing On?

So yeah, it’s been a rough couple o’ weeks at the House of Troupe.

Firstly, we’ve been sick. Crazy sick. We’re talking something akin to the black plague, except without all the death and craziness. It was like a close second. Okay, maybe not, but still, it was pretty bad. – My wife had pink eye for a good week.…

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I Used To Hate TV

It’s weird. I think about a year ago, you couldn’t pay me to watch anything on TV. Seriously. People would say: ‘Hey did you catch ER?’ and I would say ‘That garbage is still on the air?’

I was what most would deem a TV snob. But now? Now, I watch ALL KINDS of crap on TV. Tons of it. …

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