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Bus Stop Boxer*

He will seriously box you.

He’s got the eye of the tiger. And look, The Joker stopped by.

Halloween Victory

* Song from Eels album ‘Shootenanny’…

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Halloween & Other ‘Fun’ Size Nuggets

Halloween ’07… That’s one for the books, kids.

Firstly, we did a goofy thing here at work. There’s a daycare a few floor below where we train the nurses and doctors to use their new system and someone decided it would be fun to decorate some of our training rooms and have the little tykes come through to collect some …

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Flu Shot

So we went and got our annual flu shots last week. I know some people swear by ’em, other people think they’re a bunch of garbage. Personally? I could take them or leave them.

Last year my little guy, Travis could definitely leave ’em.

This year, we prepped him and told him that he was going to get a shot. …

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The boy and I, rocking the house on 9.15.07

In this picture, please find: Treebeard, an autographed photo of Salma Hayek, a Jesus puppet, a pint-sized Batman, horn-rimmed glasses and a ukulele from Hawaii.…

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How We Almost Lost Our Dog. Again.

Dogs. I swear, I think ours is living on borrowed time.

First, I gotta tell you about my dog. His name is Nigel. He’s 4 and half years old. He’s a miniature pincher (min-pin) and he’s had several problems with his legs. We’ve had to have each of his knees fixed (about $1500 each time) and he’s just about deaf. …

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At A Subway In St. Cloud

I thought about writing a big long post about the miserable weekend we had in St. Cloud, but I opted to instead recreate a snippet of dialogue generated by one of the funniest people I know: My two-and-a-half-year-old son, Travis.


The rain is coming down in St. Cloud like there’s an ark parked somewhere …

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To The Sound of Drumming…

I’m beginning to think I’m corrupting my kid.

A couple weeks back we bought him a couple of ‘fun daggers.’ They’re little foam swords perfect for fighting imaginary monsters…and for drumming.

Lately, that’s all Travis wants to do. He comes home from daycare and immediately he asks: ‘Where’s my swords?’ When he finds them, he locates the loudest possible source …

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Rain & The Species Route

Okay, first and foremost: I can’t tell you how much it bugs me that my dumb ol’ Thursday 13 was formatted all weird. I tried and tried to fix it and make it all nice n’ pretty, but it just ain’t happening. If you know me in the least, you know how much it bothers me.

Hence, this post. I …

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Home Alone…Sort Of

Well, it’s true. I’ve got the whole house to myself for a couple of days. That’s not entirely true. My dog, Nigel, is here, too but he tends to just hang out on his own. He’ll park by a window, look out for a couple hours, hide out in his kennel, sleep, whatever.

He might be a cat. I need …

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Notes From The Tail-End Of Monday

Not much structure to this post. I just thought I’d slap some stuff up here just so it doesn’t seem like I’m letting this bloggy blogg fall into ruin.

  • Proposal stuff – Remember how I contacted that editor from the place that’s publishing my first wee book Patrick’s Super Socks? Well…she got back to me and gave me the green

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