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This Guy.

Yo, yo Tappers!

Remember when you used to come to this blog and there’d actually be something to read? Yeah…I do. I mean, I remember when I used to have time to write some stuff on here. I blame it on GOODHALO II. I barely have time to think, let alone hit you with all the useless news you don’t …

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Puffy the Pancake Slayer

I really should be putting fingers to keys and getting all the stuff in my head down in an IDEA PIT for Goodhalos II & III. But dang it, I made a promise to my reading audience a while back about the love of a certain breakfast ball and I’ll be danged if I’m not going to stick to it.…

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Week In Review…Er, on Tuesday…

Hey people!

Man, I was getting bummed out everytime I logged into my blog. Is it sad that I’m too lazy to add some of my blogs as favorites in Firefox and instead just got to the right hand column here on Tappity Tappity to get the job done? Yeah. I’m a strange creature of habit. Anyway…I need to get …

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Puff the Magic…Pancakes?

We got a parcel in the mail today.

Little TKT is almost as excited as I am about the parcel. And yes, that’s
our real ‘welcome’ mat. We’re really friendly, though. For reals.

When we pulled up to the house (after a delicious dinner) I expressed my disappointment that the parcel I’ve been eagerly awaiting hadn’t shown up yet. Travis…

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Paid In Full

Oh, there’s so much crap happening, I can’t even begin to keep up anymore. How is it possible that another week has rolled by and the best I could come up with was an old Milli Vanilli picture that was Photoshopped. Well, let’s start at the start, shall we?

Video Guy Again – I know I shouldn’t complain, but the …

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***I hope you brought a lunch***

Well, it’s been an interesting week…and it’s only Tuesday, y’all! Let’s do this thing.

Jobby Job – Well, I kept this under wraps, but I had a job interview on Friday afternoon. I was scheduled to interview with 5 people (5!) all at once for a position that was closer to home, better pay, …

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Stuffity Stuff

Hiya Tappers!

Well, as per usual, I’m busier than…er, um…someone who’s real busy. It’s been insane both on the work front, the writing front and the warm front we have moving into Minnesota.

Ha ha. See what I did there?

Anyway, I thought I’d shoot out a couple little nuggets of stuff out for those interested in seeing where I’m …

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Happy Birthday Travis!

It absolutely FLOORS me that my little guy is 3 years old today. I swear, Laura and I were just getting used to feeding him, waking up at all hours of the night and wondering if we were in over our heads. Now, I can’t even imagine what it’d be like if this little fella wasn’t a part, if not…

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