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Thursday 13 – Version 9.0

Ahhhh, Thursday. Where have you been, my friend? What’s that? I missed you last week? You’re right. I did. I suuuuure did.

This week’s Thursday 13: 13 Words I’m Not Fond Of

1. Slacks – Who the heck still calls the things you drape on your legs ‘slacks?’ Is that even legal to say that anymore? I had a friend …

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Thursday 13 – Version 8.0

Once upon a time, I was a different kind of writer, not just stuff for kids and young adults. I used to write horror stories, dark comedies, and just plain stupid stories that really had no business ever being printed, let alone typed out. While most would hide their previous efforts in the trash bin or have a nice bonfire, …

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Thursday 13 – Version 7.0

You know, it’s like my parent’s used to say. Time flies when you’re having fun. Huh. Last time I checked (and I’m at work) I wasn’t having fun. How is it that it’s ALREADY Thursday again?

Oh, well. This week’s Thursday 13? Thirteen Foods I Won’t Even Touch…Ever

I’m a picky eater. Yes, a proverbial pain in the a$$ when …

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Thursday 13 – Version 6.0

Well, after a week off from the ol’ Thursday 13, I thought I’d get back into the swing o’ things and see if I can’t hold onto the few people that still read my drivel.

Okay. This week: 13 Where Are They Nows?

1. Doug Llewelyn – Remember that snarky guy that would sort of irritate people after they lost …

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Thursday 13 – Version 5.0

Well, the Blogger gods didn’t want this update to happen, but I fought the law and I sort of think I won. Speaking of fighting the law…that’s a great subject for this week’s Thursday 13!

Peep this: 13 Best Celebrity Mugshots

1. Rip Torn – “If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball!” Well, it doesn’t look …

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Thursday 13 – Version 4.0

Is it seriously Thursday again already? Dang. Time does have a way of flyin’ when you’re having (CHOOSE ONE: fun, your hair cut, to choose what flavor of Blizzard you want to enjoy at Dairy Queen, a coma, to spend it at a thankless full-time job)

It’s Thursday 13 time, y’all.

So here, for your…

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Thursday 13 – Version 3.0

This time, I’m not messing around and posting my stuff late. It’s up and ready (BAM!) in the wee hours of the morning. But I’ll be honest. I’m putting my pride on the line this time around. I’m bearing my soul for the rest of the world (or at least the 3-4 people that read this) to take pot-shots at.…

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Thursday 13 – Version 2.0

Week 2 and I’m already slacking. Hey, as long as it’s done before Friday…am I right? Of course I am. At least, that’s what I’m telling myself. So, here goes.

This week is: Worst Excuses For Not Posting My Thursday 13 On Time

1. “I Was Saving Like, Twenty Infants From A Burning Building.” Seriously. Didn’t you see that on …

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Thursday Thirteen – Version 1.0

Since I dig a lot of the other Thursday 13 lists I’ve seen, I thought I’d throw my dumb ol’ hat in the ring. Hats off to Loretta for making the sweet barcode graphic.

My First Thursday 13: Kids Book Titles You’ll Never See

1. Dragons Only Eat the Ugly Kids – Chronicling the misadventures of Stinky the Dragon who …

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