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Fun With Driver’s Licenses

I’ll be the first to tell you that I’m somewhat bizarre.  I have weird little rituals that I follow and I do strange things just because I think someday it might be funny and/or interesting for me to someday look back on.  Or, you know, tell my kids.

Example: I treat my DVDs like they’re antiques.  Seriously.  I place them …

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Cool Things #435

Here are a list of cool things happening around my places of habitation in brief.

Pleurisy – As in I don’t have it anymore. Thanks for the well wishes, yo.

Books – I was asked to write three more books for Picture Window Books. It took all of 3 seconds for me to agree to do this thing. More on …

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Thursday 13 – Version 8.0

Once upon a time, I was a different kind of writer, not just stuff for kids and young adults. I used to write horror stories, dark comedies, and just plain stupid stories that really had no business ever being printed, let alone typed out. While most would hide their previous efforts in the trash bin or have a nice bonfire, …

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Thursday 13 – Version 7.0

You know, it’s like my parent’s used to say. Time flies when you’re having fun. Huh. Last time I checked (and I’m at work) I wasn’t having fun. How is it that it’s ALREADY Thursday again?

Oh, well. This week’s Thursday 13? Thirteen Foods I Won’t Even Touch…Ever

I’m a picky eater. Yes, a proverbial pain in the a$$ when …

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Thursday 13 – Version 6.0

Well, after a week off from the ol’ Thursday 13, I thought I’d get back into the swing o’ things and see if I can’t hold onto the few people that still read my drivel.

Okay. This week: 13 Where Are They Nows?

1. Doug Llewelyn – Remember that snarky guy that would sort of irritate people after they lost …

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Thursday 13 – Version 5.0

Well, the Blogger gods didn’t want this update to happen, but I fought the law and I sort of think I won. Speaking of fighting the law…that’s a great subject for this week’s Thursday 13!

Peep this: 13 Best Celebrity Mugshots

1. Rip Torn – “If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball!” Well, it doesn’t look …

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Props go out to Devas T. for helping me waste my lunch break today. He found the thing that lets you make a Simpsons version of yourself. It’s on It’s just what I needed to dwindle my free time here at work down to nothing!

Anyway, here I am:

Now, I know I’m not as buff as my Simpsons …

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Thursday 13 – Version 4.0

Is it seriously Thursday again already? Dang. Time does have a way of flyin’ when you’re having (CHOOSE ONE: fun, your hair cut, to choose what flavor of Blizzard you want to enjoy at Dairy Queen, a coma, to spend it at a thankless full-time job)

It’s Thursday 13 time, y’all.

So here, for your…

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Magnetic Poetry Bandit Part 2

Okay. Remember this post?

Chances are you missed it. You were probably so enraptured with my 1990 mullet that you didn’t scroll down and read the previous post from that day. Go ahead and read it now. We’ll wait.

All caught up? Good.

Well, I returned to my miserable little cubicle farm today to see what hijinks the people messing …

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8 Things About Me Meme

I got tagged by Stephanie at Adventures In Writing.

Here are the rules:

a. Each player lists 8 facts/habits about themselves.

b. The rules of the game are posted at the beginning before those facts/habits are listed.

c. At the end of the post, the player then tags 8 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and …

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