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Hoo Boy…

So, I’m a bit of a nerd. That really doesn’t come as much of a surprise to anyone at this point, does it? No? Good. Let’s continue.

I was quietly, happily working on edits for Draft 3 of GOODHALO when the ol’ pager went off. Turns out some poor soul wanted to check off of our mortal coil, didn’t fare …

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Nerdery Week: Day 2

Man…I’m taking a beating already! More than a few people (ahem!) said my desk was too neat n’ tidy and therefore they didn’t feel up to posting their nerderies for the world to see.

I cry FOUL!

Here’s the thing…I sort of have to have some order to my chaos otherwise I can’t get a lick of work done. On …

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Nerdery Week: Day 1

Well, it’s better late then never, right? I was in Madison, Wisconsin all weekend for a short getaway from life here in ol’ Woodbury. Anyway, no one cares about that. You know as well as I know that this is NERDERY WEEK here at Tappity Tappity and other blogs around the country/world/block.

Here, if you will, is a shot where …

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Steaming Pile of Stuff

Nerdery Week – It’s been decided, so mark your calendars. Nerdery Week shall take place on February 17th – 23rd. Seven days of complete nerdiness interconnected through this world we like to call the internet. You’ll meet new people! You’ll see where they sit! You’ll see all the garbage they keep in their respective workspaces!

But TKT, I’m still confused …

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Everything’s Comin’ Up Zombies

Today feels like a zombie-kind-of-day, friends.

How so, TKT?
I’m going to break it down for you.
  • I feel like a zombie today. Since I’ve got a 2 (almost 3!) year old who comes in contact with a handful of other kids on a daily basis, he picks up all sorts of fun germs/colds/etc. I got his cold and it

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