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Tiny GOODHALO Excerpt & Update

“Your bravery surprises me, Pious,” Hurvick said. “But our fates are in the hands of the gods.”

“Their hands are full,” Pi replied, which made Lasha gasp.

From GOODHALO, by Thomas Kingsley Troupe

So, that’s what I’ve been doing friends. Working FEVERISHLY on the revision and overhauling of my little zombie book, GOODHALO. I’m on a mission to trim this …

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Thursday Thirteen – Version 1.0

Since I dig a lot of the other Thursday 13 lists I’ve seen, I thought I’d throw my dumb ol’ hat in the ring. Hats off to Loretta for making the sweet barcode graphic.

My First Thursday 13: Kids Book Titles You’ll Never See

1. Dragons Only Eat the Ugly Kids – Chronicling the misadventures of Stinky the Dragon who …

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