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Bus Stop Boxer*

He will seriously box you.

He’s got the eye of the tiger. And look, The Joker stopped by.

Halloween Victory

* Song from Eels album ‘Shootenanny’…

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Halloween & Other ‘Fun’ Size Nuggets

Halloween ’07… That’s one for the books, kids.

Firstly, we did a goofy thing here at work. There’s a daycare a few floor below where we train the nurses and doctors to use their new system and someone decided it would be fun to decorate some of our training rooms and have the little tykes come through to collect some …

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Okay, so it’s October 2nd, but still…this is EASILY my favorite month of the year. Oh, let me count the reasons why…

1. My birthday is on the 19th. I accept cash.

2. Autumn. It’s the only month in Minnesota where it’s truly FALL all month long. September has part of Summer in it and November starts feeling like ‘winter-lite.’ …

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