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Stuff’s Happening

All kinds of stuff is happening around here these days. Here’s the Cliff Notes Version:

– Goodhalo is about 3 days from being done enough for me to read it, tweak it and send it to my 5 or so beta-reader peeps. (Clear a week out, people. You know who you are. It’s coming…)

– I’m going to write/direct a …

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See Ya, Big Old Stone Face Book!

Well, that’s that.

I’ve sent off my draft of Mount Rushmore to my editor just minutes ago and I sort of feel like I miss working on it already.

Is that crazy? Me!

Mr. Fiction!
Mr. I Want To Do Important Books About Zombies!
Mr. I Never Liked History In High School!
Mr. I’m Going To Wait Until the 11th …

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Hoo Boy…

So, I’m a bit of a nerd. That really doesn’t come as much of a surprise to anyone at this point, does it? No? Good. Let’s continue.

I was quietly, happily working on edits for Draft 3 of GOODHALO when the ol’ pager went off. Turns out some poor soul wanted to check off of our mortal coil, didn’t fare …

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Stuffity Stuff

Hiya Tappers!

Well, as per usual, I’m busier than…er, um…someone who’s real busy. It’s been insane both on the work front, the writing front and the warm front we have moving into Minnesota.

Ha ha. See what I did there?

Anyway, I thought I’d shoot out a couple little nuggets of stuff out for those interested in seeing where I’m …

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Ogggg… OR I’m Tired: the Sequel

Good morning Tappers.

Hey, is that condecending? You know, that I call my (2-3) readers Tappers? There’s another blog I read sometimes and the author calls her readers a certain name and I sort of find it condecending a little bit. I don’t think it’s so much that she has a name for her readers as much as it’s the …

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Red Lining Done!

In a bit or irony, I’ve finished red-lining GOODHALO. Sort of fitting on Valentine’s Day, eh? You know with the red and the zombies and the…


Anyway. It’s a big step toward being closer to getting this puppy ready for ‘prime time.’ As quick as I am with other parts of this process, technical editing is always (for me) …

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Steaming Pile of Stuff

Nerdery Week – It’s been decided, so mark your calendars. Nerdery Week shall take place on February 17th – 23rd. Seven days of complete nerdiness interconnected through this world we like to call the internet. You’ll meet new people! You’ll see where they sit! You’ll see all the garbage they keep in their respective workspaces!

But TKT, I’m still confused …

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Everything’s Comin’ Up Zombies

Today feels like a zombie-kind-of-day, friends.

How so, TKT?
I’m going to break it down for you.
  • I feel like a zombie today. Since I’ve got a 2 (almost 3!) year old who comes in contact with a handful of other kids on a daily basis, he picks up all sorts of fun germs/colds/etc. I got his cold and it

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Landmarks, Goals, Progress & 100 Pages

So, I hit kind of a big landmark last night and I’m pretty excited about it.

Despite the urging from my Nintendo Wii to go out and play Super Mario Galaxy for an extra hour, I pushed through and hit the 100 page point on my editing/red-penning of GOODHALO. While that might seem like nothing to most (or all) of …

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Notes From The Battleground

Editing? It’s hell. A whole lotta hell.

I’ve often said that I’d rather write 3 more novels than edit one of them. It stems most certainly from my very short attention span. I think of 18,000 other things I could be doing and I struggle with myself CONSTANTLY to just stay. on. task.

It’s not easy.

But, I’ve got my …

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