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Writing Round-Up

Well, it’s New Year’s Eve and while I’d love to do a retrospective ‘Year that Was…’ I ain’t gonna. At least, not yet. In the meantime, I’m all giddy about some writing stuff. First and foremost…

GOODHALO II – Is done! It’s done, done, done! Well, at least the first draft anyway. It’s length shattered any previous records held by …

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Mission 100,000

Hey Tappers!

I’ve got a mission for myself this weekend and I’m thinking it’s possible. I want to hit the 100,000 word mark on GOODHALO II before I head back to work on Monday. I’m just over 5,000 words from that happening.

“But TKT, you usually kick out huge numbers word-count wise. What’s the haps?”

Here’s the thing: Ever since …

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The Price of Fast Drafting…

You know, that’s the problem with trying to write a big ol’ novel in a couple of months. You let other things, like a certain BLOG go to the wayside.

How many people here were sick of seeing my same ol’ post about fightin’ fires and driving an ambulance around?

*raises hand*

Yeah, me too. That was like…so five years …

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Goodhalo II – Progress

Hey, I’m going to do my best to not be all boring and tell you how I’m doing on my current work in progress. So, I’ll be uber-brief.

GOODHALO II is over halfway done.

Check the progress bar, suckas.

It’s rough, it’s nasty…but it’s gonna be one heckuva story.

Tommy likey.…

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A Quick "I’m Not Dead" Post

Hi. I’m not dead. I swear. I’ve just been sooo wrapped up in writing Goodhalo II that I sort of put the ol’ bloggity blog on the back-burner.

You forgive me, right?

No? I’ll send a refund.

Here are 10 quick…and I mean QUICK things that have happened and will likely discuss in further detail coming up. Yeah…consider this like …

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Unattainable Goal?

What it is, Tappers. What. It. Is.

So, I’m trying to set myself a goal for writing the much anticipated (well, I’M anticipating it!) next book in the GOODHALO series. And here is/are the catch(es):

1. I’m trying to get it drafted by the end of September.
2. I think it’s going to be 100,000 words or so.
3. I …

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