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Options on a Thursday Night

Sitting up with a little dude (6 weeks old yesterday) isn’t always easy. Not that I’m surprised by this, but it’s one of those things where I find myself at a crossroads every night. There’s that space of a couple hour between when Travis & Laura go to sleep and when I finally collapse into a tired heap of garbage …

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Tough Night In Minneapolis

As I’m sure you’ve all heard, a significant bridge on 35W in Minneapolis collapsed at 6:05pm last night. I’m happy to say that I wasn’t anywhere near it when it went down nor were any of my friends or loved ones.

I missed the collapse by about 3 hours last night. What’s crazy is, I used that route to pick…

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Notes From The Tail-End Of Monday

Not much structure to this post. I just thought I’d slap some stuff up here just so it doesn’t seem like I’m letting this bloggy blogg fall into ruin.

  • Proposal stuff – Remember how I contacted that editor from the place that’s publishing my first wee book Patrick’s Super Socks? Well…she got back to me and gave me the green

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Local Author Reading?

Well, here’s something a little weird. A while ago the local newspaper did an article on me for the Woodbury Bulletin. I’d go into the particulars of how it went down, but it’s not all that interesting. Let’s just say a reporter caught wind that I was both a children’s author and firefighter and saw an angle for a story.…

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Fighting Fire With…Water

So I promised not to make this dumb ol’ blog just about writing and trying to find an agent and all that other stuff that would drive normal, casual blog-browsers to induce a coma unto themselves.

By god, I’m gonna stick to my guns.

So, I fought a fire last night. Yep. A good ol’ rip-roaring house fire. Well, it …

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