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Puffy the Pancake Slayer

I really should be putting fingers to keys and getting all the stuff in my head down in an IDEA PIT for Goodhalos II & III. But dang it, I made a promise to my reading audience a while back about the love of a certain breakfast ball and I’ll be danged if I’m not going to stick to it.…

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Weekend Treat

Got about 40 minutes to spare?

If so, check out Eels performing on KCRW in studio. More than anything, I’m embedding this here for my own pure enjoyments, but hey…you might dig ’em too.

They are lyrically SOUND.


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Egg Drop Soup & Other Delights

Hey, it’s not like I don’t love you Blogger (you too, Tappers!) but I’ve just been a busy, busy boy.

So busy. Boy.

Let’s sit down for a spell and catch up a bit, why don’t we? Yeah, you can sit there on the futon. Just go ahead and move those Hot Wheels cars over to the side. That’s fine. …

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