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Goodhalo – 4th Draft

It’s away!…

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Red Lining Done!

In a bit or irony, I’ve finished red-lining GOODHALO. Sort of fitting on Valentine’s Day, eh? You know with the red and the zombies and the…


Anyway. It’s a big step toward being closer to getting this puppy ready for ‘prime time.’ As quick as I am with other parts of this process, technical editing is always (for me) …

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Notes From The Battleground

Editing? It’s hell. A whole lotta hell.

I’ve often said that I’d rather write 3 more novels than edit one of them. It stems most certainly from my very short attention span. I think of 18,000 other things I could be doing and I struggle with myself CONSTANTLY to just stay. on. task.

It’s not easy.

But, I’ve got my …

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