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4 Years. 4 Weeks.

4 Years

First and foremost, today is Travis’s birthday. My oldest little guy is 4 years old today. Seriously…4 years. Just like that. I’m amazed it’s already been that long and though it’s cliched to say, it’s stunning how quickly time passes. We were just at the hospital, feeding the little cone-headed dude. Like it was yesterday.

But alas, we …

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36 Years of Quality

Hiya. Today is my 36th birthday. I’m old as dirt and have the gray hair to prove it. But I wasn’t always this way. Observe…

Born 11:15pm, 10.19.72
No wonder I’m such a night owl…

Oh lookit that funny guy, it’s
Super Mister Potato Head! (3 months)

My first of many hooded sweatshirts (Age 2)

There was a time when …

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Happy Birthday Travis!

It absolutely FLOORS me that my little guy is 3 years old today. I swear, Laura and I were just getting used to feeding him, waking up at all hours of the night and wondering if we were in over our heads. Now, I can’t even imagine what it’d be like if this little fella wasn’t a part, if not…

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Weekend Round-Up

So, there’s another weekend for the books. It seemed like it lasted longer than most weekends, so that’s kind of a cool thing. Here’s some savory nuggets to chew n’ enjoy.

Birthday – Yep, turned 35 on the 19th, just like I’d planned. It’s so weird to me to be able to be heading toward 40. Crazy, crazy. I picked …

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Now We Are 35…

I just turned 35. I’d love to write a long post about how great Year 34 was, but I just got done shooting 2,080 words outta my head via my fingers.

Instead, I’ll leave you with a picture I’ve always liked. It’s obviously doctored, but it cracks me up. Maybe I need some help of some sort.

I only act…

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