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Wee Hours

I’ve been a terrible blogger lately. I’ve had all kinds of interesting new folks stopping by to say nice things or comment on the few paltry things I’ve managed to post here and I sort of feel like I’m neglecting the few folks that actually stop by.

Remember when I used to do Thursday 13? Yeah. Me too. I’ll probably …

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So, I’m beginning to think my book The Short Bus Journal is dead in the water. I just got a reply from an agent (who got a query, a synopsis AND 10 pages of the book) that simply said:

“I did not like the diary format.”

Ouch. I wish I could say that was an isolated reply, but the truth …

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I’ve Been De-Programmed. Temporarily.


It’s weird not hurrying to the computer when the family goes to bed to work on my novel-in-progress. Dare I say it? I feel like a little part of me has died and I don’t know what to do with myself. I swore I’d take 2 months before I start editing the thing, but I’m finding myself fretting and …

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