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People Will Eat Anything. (I have proof)

One thing my friends and family know about me is this: Even when I’ve got a chance to relax and just not do anything, I end up working on something else.  I think it’s one of the reasons I’m never bored.  There’s ALWAYS something else to write, film, read, etc…  It’s a big world filled with lots of cool crap.  …

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Treasure of the Enchanted Forest – TKT (1984)

Well, I know you’ve likely been checking back here every few hours or so since I announced that I was going to drop the ULTIMATE STORY on this here bloggy-blogg.

The wait is over, friends of fine literature.

Here, just below a few more lines of my babbling, is the best story I could come up with in 1984 for …

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Coming Soon…

Hey all!  Two posts…two days?  Well, this one doesn’t really count.  It’s more of a teaser than anything else.

Oh, what pray-tell am I teasing?


Because of it’s unbridled awesomeness, I’m going to unleash this magical and action-packed tale to the world within the next week.  But for now, just salivate over the awesome cover-art and imagine a world …

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Deadlines, yo (or) Fun With Motivation

What is up?

Kind of a random thought/topic: I’ve had some people ask me in the past how the heck I’m able to stay productive and get so much stuff done.  I’ve also had people make snide comments when I mentioned going to a concert or a movie (god forbid!) every once in a while, wondering how I’m able to …

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Nuggets of Delight

Thought I would do a scatter-shot of stuff that’s happening in my world.  That way you don’t have to waste time reading about stuff you don’t care about.    You can be all like: Ugh…who cares about his books?…and then skip onto the next thing.  You see how I do that?

I do it for you.  I do it ALL for …

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In Which Some Stuff Happens…

Ah, Sunday.  You’ve caught me again!  It’s insane how quickly time is going by.  My parents used to tell me that it only goes faster every year and I’ll be dashed if they aren’t right.  I’ve got some bit-sized chunks of fun stuff to share, so let’s get down to it, shall we?

Jacob Alexander Troupe – The Big One…

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Something Old, Something New

So, in between revising GOODHALO (I know…just get it DONE already) I’ve been finishing up the 4 book series I’m doing for PICTURE WINDOW BOOKS tenatively titled LEGEND HAS IT.  It’s the books for lil’ kids about vampires, werewolves, Bigfoot and the Bermuda Triangle.  They’ve been loads of fun, but I was really itching to do SOMETHING in the fiction …

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The Tale of Two Kingsleys

So, yesterday was pretty much a fantastic day. I know there’s nothing more irritating than hearing someone else is having a good time, especially if it coincides with you (or those you love) NOT having a good day, but so it goes.

Yesterday, I got to go out to Red Wing, Minnesota to take part in the 10th Anniversary Celebration …

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