Haunted Hotel Tour: Colorado Edition – The Stanley Hotel (Estes Park, CO)

Thursday got us on the road to Estes Park, Colorado where we were headed to the mountains to stay in the World Famous Stanley Hotel.  This place was where Stephen King was inspired to write “The Shining” and you can see why.  It’s big, old and double-creepy.  Sounds like a perfect place to say “what up” to a ghost or …

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Haunted Hotel Tour: Colorado Edition – Armstrong Hotel (Fort Collins, CO)

So, it’s no surprise to the people who know me that I like creepy stuff.  Zombies, non-sparkly vampires, witches and of course, ghosts.  Last year, a group of friends and I went on a ghost tour of St. Anthony Main in Minneapolis.  While I’m not sure we found any evidence of paranormal goodness, we had fun and our spectrometers lit …

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Secret Santa Strikes Back

I know, I know, I know.  It’s not even CLOSE to Christmas.  But dang, looking out the window today on THE FIRST DAY OF SPRING, you’d think that ol’ St. Nick is about ready to pull up his fat pants and hit the sleigh in style.

So, here’s the deal.  A number of years ago I opened the ol’ memory …

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40 Years – Knowledge McNuggets

So today I’m 40 years old and I thought about doing a retrospective of some sort.  You know, maybe go back through the old pictures and junk and show people how much (or little) I’ve grown up over the years.  But I don’t know, man.  That seems pretty self-indulgent and let’s face it: a lot of work.

Instead, I thought …

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Troop Bloggy Blogg

So, let’s ignore that I haven’t made a new blog post in well over a year, shall we?  Cool.  I’m glad we had this talk.

I know I’m a week or two behind the news, but I’m still trying to wrap my head around Snoop Dogg’s name change.  I mean, it was bad enough when he dropped the “Doggy” from …

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I Can’t Draw.

When people learn that I write books (you know, for kids) they almost always ask this question:

“Oh, so do you do all the drawings, too?”

When I tell them I couldn’t draw to save my life they end up looking a little disappointed.

Trust me, nobody is as disappointed as I am.

The thing is: My kids LOVE to …

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Two TKTs. Two Days.

You know, I thought I’d be the kind of dad that was always there.  You know.  Ready to build a fort at a moment’s notice.  The kind of guy that doesn’t get tired of going to the park or will watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in the morning EVERY morning.  I also thought I’d be the kind of dad who had …

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Cool Stuff (or Why I’m Not A Better Blogger)

You know, there’s really nothing worse than someone blogging about how great their life is and how they’re getting to do cool stuff, right?  Yeah, I know.  Feel free to click the back arrow now or delete your feed to this poor, neglected blog.  I can’t say I blame you.  But hey, there’s gotta be an excuse for just leaving …

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Rockin’ After Midnight

Did I ever tell you about the time someone slashed the tires on my car?  This was back in high school, so I’m pretty sure I didn’t.  It was a dark time, but reading a book a friend wrote TOTALLY brought me back to that place and time.  In his book, his main character thinks someone is trying to break …

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I Feel Like I Owe (You & this Website) A Post.

People of Earth…how are you?

Things have been cooking in my part of the world, but I’ll be dashed if I don’t set aside some time to put something up on this musty ol’ blog.  It’s my duty.  I ain’t new to this.

WRITING NEWS (if this stuff bores you, skip on ahead yo)

I’ve been spending pretty much all …

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