Thomas Kingsley Troupe likes writin’.  He is the author of the fiction series HAUNTIQUES, FURRY & FLO and the upcoming STAR BELCHERS. Other than that, he’s written a whole bunch of titles for kids from non-fiction picture books, to a few installments in the JAKE MADDOX sports series.

Thomas has been writing books and stories in one form or another ever since he can remember.  When asked, he’ll tell you about the time he entered a book into his school’s book fair in 2nd grade.  His super hero story lost to a series of books about puppies, rainbows, and some kid’s new baby brother.  It just wasn’t his time.

Raised in “Nordeast” Minneapolis, Thomas now lives with his family in Woodbury, Minnesota.  When he’s not writing stuff in his basement office “The Nerdery,” he’s taking naps, watching campy movies, powering up and going on the occasional ghost hunt.

FUN FACT: He believes pineapple is easily the best fruit out there and still thinks zombies are cool.  Even after all these years.