Finally…Furry & Flo 7: Portal Bounce (COME GET IT!)

Hi. This thing on? Yeah? Can you hear me in the back? Yeah? Good.


Okay, remember when I said back a little while (September of 2016) that Furry & Flo 7 was coming? And you were all like: Yeah, sure. And they’re going to make a sequel to Citizen Kane, too.

By no way am I comparing my work to that of Orson Welles’ masterpiece (which I found boring), I am here to tell you that through a number of obstacles I won’t bother you with, I finally (FINALLY) have Furry & Flo 7: Portal Bounce ready for you to download, read and enjoy.

I understand if some of my (once young) readers have long since forgotten about my little characters as they’re neck deep in college essays by now.  I had grand plans to make it available on Amazon for free so you could download it to your Kindle.  Yeah.  Amazon is weird in that they want to be able to charge people for stuff.  Go figure.

But!  If you want to read it (and if you read FURRY & FLO 6: THE SOLEMN GOLEM, you should!), please have at it!


Once you open it up, feel free to save the file to your computer.  From there you should be able to shrink it down and read it just like a book!

It took a lot of work and I have to thank my illustrator pals Jonny Thomas and Nathan Malvig for their help along this loooong road to getting this little book put together.  I think it turned out pretty swell and gets ol’ Furry and Flo out of the corner I painted them into years ago.

Anyway…I hope you like it.  I’d love to hear what you think in the comments.

Holy socks,