Win an ARC of Furry & Flo: The Big Hairy Secret!

Remember how I promised that I was going to give away a free copy of FURRY & FLO – THE BIG HAIRY SECRET?  Well, I’m going to, finally.

Yeah, I’m embarrassed it took this long, too.

Really.  What’s gotten into me?

This is what’s up for grabs:  A limited edition ARC (Advanced Readers Copy) of the first book in my new series.  If you haven’t yet, you REALLY should check out the cool little book preview Capstone put out:

This little guy (along with Furry & Flo The Problems With Goblins) comes out in August 2013.

So, here’s the deal: All you gotta do is one of the following things:

– Watch the following (gratuitous) video of my kids talking about Furry & Flo.

To prove you actually watched it, you’ll need to answer the trivia questions below and send your answers into the comments.  (Feel free to cheat.)

  1. Name the international songstress pictured somewhere in the video.
  2. What did the boys have for supper?
  3. What is Furry carrying whilst running in his underwear?
  4. What color is the bottle of suntan lotion?
  5. What’s on the back of the book?
  6. Talk about coincidences.  What’s on Travis’s cup?
  7. Would Jake recommend reading Furry & Flo?
  8. The best band ever is featured on a water bottle in the video.  Name this band.

– Or…you can go ahead and LIKE my author Facebook page over on…Facebook.  Get there by going HERE.  (Don’t forget to like…um,  click LIKE, okay?)

– Better yet?  Spread the word about FURRY & FLO by SHARING the Facebook post or this blog post or a lamp post.  Post office.

– And for the ultra lazy, go ahead and just leave a comment on this post.  Even a simple “What up, TKT?” will suffice.

On June 15th, I’m going to look at all the entries, shares, trivia answers, comments, etc… and pull a winner out of a hat.

To keep it fair, I’ll likely solicit the help of my zany kids.  They get into that stuff.

Good luck party people!  I can’t wait to fire one of these books in YOUR direction, months before (just about) anyone else!