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Nuggets of Delight

Thought I would do a scatter-shot of stuff that’s happening in my world.  That way you don’t have to waste time reading about stuff you don’t care about.    You can be all like: Ugh…who cares about his books?…and then skip onto the next thing.  You see how I do that?

I do it for you.  I do it ALL for …

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I Guess I Don’t Hate Twitter After All.

Well, hi there.

Some of you might remember a few months back when I said I thought Twitter was dumb.  I might have even said, “Twitter is for people with nothing of real value to say” or even “Get a blog if you want to tell us about your life.”  That kind of thing.  Of course, this is coming from …

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This Is How We Do It – Weight Loss

(fire up the song by Montell Jordan and pack a healthy lunch.  this is a long one!)

Okay, so here’s the part where I come right out and say I’m not an expert on losing weight.  Results may vary.  Don’t try this at home.  Tip your wait staff.

Most of my friends and family know that I signed up for …

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I Made A Movie Last Week

Well, if you’re one of my crazy (and likely irritated) Facebook friends, you’ll know that me and my crew (Soft Drink Productions) worked on a new, short film last week.  Yeah.  That’s right.  As in DURING THE WEEK…WITH OUR FULL-TIME JOBS DURING THE DAY.

Remind me never, ever, ever to do that again.

Here’s the short n’ dirty version of …

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In Which Some Stuff Happens…

Ah, Sunday.  You’ve caught me again!  It’s insane how quickly time is going by.  My parents used to tell me that it only goes faster every year and I’ll be dashed if they aren’t right.  I’ve got some bit-sized chunks of fun stuff to share, so let’s get down to it, shall we?

Jacob Alexander Troupe – The Big One…

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2010? Let’s do this.

Oh, there you are!  I was wondering if and when you were going to end up here.

So, it’s 2010 y’all.  I’m going to miss calling the past 9 or so years ‘double-aught’.  As in: Back in 2 double-aught 9, I had my Xbox go south on me.  Saddest two weeks of my life.

You know, that kind of thing.…

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