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4 Years. 4 Weeks.

4 Years

First and foremost, today is Travis’s birthday. My oldest little guy is 4 years old today. Seriously…4 years. Just like that. I’m amazed it’s already been that long and though it’s cliched to say, it’s stunning how quickly time passes. We were just at the hospital, feeding the little cone-headed dude. Like it was yesterday.

But alas, we …

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I (Heart) Drug Addicts.


Well, as you may have guessed, life around the House o’ Troupe is quite busy these days. Little Jake is growing like you wouldn’t believe. He’ll be 4 weeks old on Wednesday and he’s already wearing clothes made for 3 month old punks. Sheesh. The kid is going to be a brute.

But, we’re adjusting fairly well since his …

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Hey Brother!

Big Jake. 6 days old.

Seriously. My new kid hasn’t been here for over 2 weeks already. Has he? Seriously? Must be. I went back to work yesterday and I’m just stunned by how quickly the time has flown. It’s frightening, actually.

If someone’s got the spare time and the funding, I’ve got a research project idea. Let’s see if …

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Jacob Alexander Troupe

He’s here! Our ‘little’ guy came at 10:46am 1/14/09, clocking in at 9lbs, 14oz!!!

I’ll blog all about it when I’m not so tired. If you do Facebook (which you should…), check out my page for a boatload of pictures. Friend me if you haven’t already.

TKT’s Facebook Page

Otherwise, here’s a shot to tide you over!!!

My hero and…

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On the Brink of Fatherhood…Take 2

So, it doesn’t sound like my new son is going to show up early as Laura’s doctor predicted. To say it’s been a little tense around the House o’ Troupe would be putting it lightly. I mean…everything’s ready. His room is all set up and ready for him to come and not notice it until he’s…oh, around three or so. …

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