Things I See Whilst Walking in St. Paul

Every Tuesday, I park at a remote lot in downtown St. Paul and walk about 9 blocks to the building where we have a meeting. Sure, they send a bus to take us to and fro, but sometimes I just need to bond with my iPod (Robotron 2.0).

As I walk, it’s like a mini music video that no one knows is filming but me.

I see some things on the ground as I walk, especially when the snow sort of melts a little bit. For your consideration:

– Starbucks coffee sleeve. (is that what you coffee drinkers call those things?)
– 6 of diamonds playing card
– smashed Junior Mints box
– toddler’s tennis shoe
– turd that looks like a gorilla was loose downtown
– 2 D-Cell batteries, still in the wrapper
– a mangled Celine Dion CD
– a bullet casing, maybe from a .45
– a king of clubs playing card
– someone’s grocery list
– an empty case of O’Doul’s
– 80,003 cigarette butts
– blue 2 Uno card
– McDonald’s burger wrappers
– an Isotoner glove, left hand
– the rest of the deck of cards
– wallet-sized photo of a young boy, maybe Hispanic
– an ad for lawn service
– crushed pack of Marlboro reds

That’s a lot of garbage, yo.