Cool Things #435

Here are a list of cool things happening around my places of habitation in brief.

Pleurisy – As in I don’t have it anymore. Thanks for the well wishes, yo.

Books – I was asked to write three more books for Picture Window Books. It took all of 3 seconds for me to agree to do this thing. More on this later.

Firefighter Video – It’s almost like I’m a film/video-maker again. I wrote/shot/directed/edited a spoof documentary about my fire department over the last week. It premiered tonight to a crowd of 40-something firefighters. I think they dug it.

Son #2 – He’s coming. It’s less than a month away. I can’t wait to meet the little dude.

Kung-Fu Panda – One of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time. Insanely good.

The Living Dead – An anthology of 34 works of short zombie fiction. Yes please. Read the first one. And you know what? Tommy likey.

2.5 Weeks Off – As in starting Thursday, that’s what I’ll have from work.

Sorry I’ve been such a blog-ser. (That’s blogger and loser combined. Yeah. I just made that up.)

You know I love you, right? RIGHT???