A Very Troupe-y Xmas

Happy Holidays fans of blogs!

I was going to write about this the day it happened, but you know how it goes…

First of all, we’d went out to get our Christmas Tree a few weeks back. We decided to skip cutting it down ourselves (have you done this? it’s awful. plus, I feel like I’m murdering a tree) and went and just bought one from a cool little place sorta near our house.

Got it home, put it in the little tree-holder-thingy that tears up your hands when you screw it into place. Perfect. Everyone’s happy, the house smells like tree, we have a place to stick gifts, it’s crapped about 3 pounds worth of pine needles…sweet!

A couple days later, whilst a very pregnant and awfully tired Laura decided to take a nap, Travis and I went off to the fire station to climb around on trucks and to shoot a scene for my firefighter ‘documentary’ I was working on. Keep the house quiet for mom, get some quality time with the kid, take care of a few things…what could go wrong?

I’m at the fire station 20 minutes and my cell phone rings. It’s home.

“Where are you guys?” It’s Laura. I didn’t leave a note. In my haste to get out of the house to get her some rest, I sorta skipped that part.

I explained I was at the station and would be home shortly.

“Good, because I was awakened by the sound of our Christmas Tree falling over.”

“You’ve got to be @!#%in’ me,” I replied out of Travis ear-shot.

We raced home and discovered Laura spoke the truth. Just a day after getting all the ornaments on the stupid thing, it went down like someone had checked it into the boards at the Xcel Energy Center. Ornaments were smashed, water from the tree-holder-thingy dumped out. It was a mess.

Christmas was ruined. Or was it???

We’d been trying to think of a Christmas Card picture to send to our friends, relatives and other people who send us cards. Laura’s eyes lit up and she had the idea to end all ideas. May I present:

So, it wasn’t like Travis knocked the tree down, but dang if it didn’t give us a pretty solid photo op. Laura’s mom wasn’t a big fan of the ‘It’s Beginning to Stink A Lot Like Christmas’ line, but that’s something I’ve been saying (and singing) for years.

Anyway…consider this YOUR Christmas card from your goofy friends in the friggin’ frigid Midwest.

Have a Merry so-and-so and a Happy you-know-what!