I’m Thomas T & I’m Back From the Dead…


November 10th already, eh? Dang…I sort of don’t even know where to begin to catch you all up. So, I’m not really going to try. Here are some highlights to tide you over!


Travis became Link (from Legend of Zelda) for Halloween. It was pretty much fantastic.

We went around to a handful of houses and everyone thought he was Robin Hood. I had to carefully explain that he wasn’t Robin Hood and that he was the hero of Hyrule, Link! I got weird looks from my neighbors.

“Oh, just give him his candy already.”

One thing that was pretty interesting was the house I like to call the McCain house. We approached the place and they had a t-shirt with ‘McCain’ on it, all lit up like it was something scary. Which…really, kind of would have been, you know? But when we got to the house, the lady inside was decked out in a sweatshirt and when Travis approached she asked how old he was. She then rifled through her different bins (?) inside the house and gave us a bag, all tied up. When we got home, we opened it and found a green teddy bear wearing a t-shirt that said ‘Gift From God.’

Huh. I didn’t know God was down with green teddies.

But seriously…keep your politics and religion to yourself on Halloween, you know? Jeez, lady.


I’ve discovered the coolest thing ever last week and I’m so excited. I’m about to lose control. And you know what? I think I like it. I was once again commissioned to make a short film for work. My only problem was, I never really had anything in the way of editing software. I always had to turn to pros to work the buttons and stuff while I sort of bossed them around. My only real attempt was the pancake puff video I made and that was pretty stiff. Well, no more!!! I’m now able to completely change the way I blog/vlog/make short films. The thing is called Pinnacle Studio Move Box Ultimate…and it…is…awesome. For reals. I can pull clips from any sort of media you can think of. DVD? Check. VHS tapes from yesteryear? Chickety check. Stuff I recorded on DVR? Yes, Alice. I know I might be like 2 years behind everyone on this, but this bodes well.

Lego Indiana Jones = Crack

I’ve been like an addict lately with the ol’ Wii. They had a deal where if you bought 2 Wii games at Target, you’d get one free. So, I bought a couple for me, one for my kid. (we got him Wii Music…shh…don’t tell him). One of the games I got for myself was Lego Indiana Jones.

Friends…it’s like heroin. Or a big ol’ box of crack cocaine. I was sort of sick for the last week with the mother of all cold and ol’ Indy took good care of me. I even stayed up until 2:30am playing the stupid game. Yeah. I know.

Bloggity Bloggity

You know…I’ve been sort of bored blogging lately. Sure, I like to blame GOODHALO 2, my lack of time, etc, etc…but truthfully, I’m just sort of feeling uninspired. You know? It’s not like cool stuff isn’t happening in life right now, but the sheer task of having to write it all down feels stale by the time I write about it. So…I’m looking to do things a little differently. I kind of want to change things up a bit. You know, maybe do more vlog-type stuff, maybe post old stories from the Golden Age of my writing life, and I don’t know…have more fun with this dumb thing.

Delusions of grandeur? Probably. But really, there’s so much to talk about most days I sort of get overwhelmed and end up not writing anything. I’d like to change that. We’ll see how it goes.

All right…I can hear the pull of a certain John Williams score kicking in…until next time, yo.