This Guy.

Yo, yo Tappers!

Remember when you used to come to this blog and there’d actually be something to read? Yeah…I do. I mean, I remember when I used to have time to write some stuff on here. I blame it on GOODHALO II. I barely have time to think, let alone hit you with all the useless news you don’t need to hear.

So, in typical scatterbrain style, I’ll shoot all kinds of stuff at you. Here goes…

It’s (gonna be)… a BOY! Yep. Turns out Laura, Travis and I will be bringing another dude to the household come January. I was 85% sure it was going to be a girl, but Travis was right. I kept asking him what the baby was going to be and he kept saying: “I want a little bruddah.” (he does these weird accents from time to time…he totally knows how to say ‘brother.’) When we ask him what he wants to name him, he keeps saying: “Peeni.” Um…yeah. I think he’s thinking it’s short for ‘Peanut’ but I don’t know. Peanut Troupe? Doesn’t really go. We think we’ve got a pretty good handle on a name already, but we’re the kind of people who don’t share until he’s off and up-out.

Rage Against the Machine – Don’t hate, but I got to go to the much ballyhooed Rage Against the Machine concert last night. That’s right…while the RNC was in town. All I can say is WOW WOW WOW. These dudes (and thousands of others) really don’t like Republicans all that much. I’m not sure if you’d heard that. Apparently the sole reason they played the show last night was because the convention was in town. As such, Minneapolis became something like a military state. I’m not kidding. Cops were EVERYWHERE. In riot gear, on horses, riding in packs of 8 on motorcycles. As we left, we saw cops standing in the streets with tear gas guns at the ready. Can you say overkill??? Anyway, people were tearing it up on the main floor. As it happens, one of my best friends is married to Quality C, who happens to work for Target. So, like true rebels, we got to sit in the Target suite, eat and drink for free and got free tickets. How’s that for raging against the machine. Oh, wait…that makes US the machine. Dang!

Happy B-Day Laura – My lovely wife aged another year and we loaded her down with some gifts. The hardest part? For one of her presents, I actually had to go out and buy (in public!) the Justin Timberlake concert DVD she wanted. God, I hope no one saw me.

Happy Anniversay Mom & Dad – My parents celebrated their 39th wedding anniversary in August. Geez. 39 years. I can barely count that high.

Minnesota State Fair – Nothing says ‘Summer’s over sucka!’ like the arrival and departure of the MSF. So, in true tradition, we made it out there and got our fill of food, fun times and weird people watching. We had fun, but I think it’s safe to say that Travis had more fun than any of us. Check it:

Wouldn’t want to get sued for false advertising!

Battle-damaged Travis (daycare injury) enjoys a balanced meal.

Nevermind the gray-haired gentleman, who’s the pretty blonde?

Seriously. Can’t I be 3 and a half again?

Link – While we’re on the topic of Travis, I gotta get this out. The kid doesn’t like to be called “Travis” anymore. No. He’d rather we call him “Link” as in the little green guy from the Legend of Zelda games.
I’m not kidding. When we picked him up from daycare the other day, he told us that Julie (his daycare provider) called him by his wrong name.

Travis: Julie said my name wrong.
TKT: She didn’t call you Travis?
Travis: My name isn’t Travis anymore. It’s Link.
TKT: Oh. That’s right. She probably didn’t know, buddy.
Travis: It’s not buddy. It’s Link.

I don’t know when or how or why this happened. I’m not going to deny that I’ve played a (all of the) Legend of Zelda video game(s) in my time, but it’s not like I’ve really had one up and running for some time. Now he carries a plastic sword on his back, asks me constantly what things Link does.

Travis: Does Link sleep?
TKT: Oh yeah. He goes to bed around 8pm.
Travis: Does Link eat snacks?
TKT: Eh…sometimes.
Travis: Does Link talk?
TKT: No, he sort of grunts when he swings his sword.

I should also mention that I’m usually referred to as ‘Big Link’ and he’s ‘Little Link.’ I can only imagine when Son #2 arrives, he’ll be blessed with the title of ‘Tiny Link.’ I think we’ll call the dog ‘Sausage Link.’ And, to be completely accurate, he calls Laura ‘the princess’ as in Princess Zelda. It’s so dang cute, though. He’s always asking to go on adventures and fight bad guys. It’s crazy. He’s becoming a mini-me…for better or worse.

This Guy – And lastly (since I have a certain ARC I want to finish reading tonight!) I present you with a quick video Lil’ TKT…er, Link and I made. Enjoy!

The kid can’t wait to see his own work, hence the ‘Let me see’ immediately following his performance. 10 minutes before this was shot, he was telling us how much he hates lasagna.