Seriously…this week has been awesome from a mail perspective. I know I’m gonna raise my geek flag WAAAAY high, but I got some parcels in the mail that just about made August the BEST MONTH EVER.


Even though I’m wasn’t a big fan of the new Indiana Jones movie, I bought a bunch of the action figures (don’t hate) and I sent in for the FREE BONUS OFFER. I got this little guy, which seems to fit just perfectly in my Nerdery.

Click the picture and you can see a certain Word document I was working on…

It’s hard to tell, but it’s the CRYSTAL SKELETON complete with GOLD THRONE! This was the dumb thing Indiana Jones and Shia LaBouf were looking for in the ridiculous movie. It only took buying 6 other guys to get this one. Total wait time: FOREVER.

As if getting this little skeleton guy wasn’t cool enough for one day, I got something I’ve been wanting to get for a long time…

Okay, you know how much I loved the movie PLANET TERROR, right? No? Well, it was my favorite movie of last year. Yeah, even more than ENCHANTED*. It has zombies, it was directed by my favorite director guy (Robert Rodriguez) and featured one of the coolest, yet most twisted characters ever. I’m talking about her…
Now, I know, I know… Did I really need an action figure of Cherry from PLANET TERROR for my Nerdery to co-mingle with all the other pieces of garbage that have collected there? The answer, sadly, is YES. She’s got an interchangable leg! If you’re feeling “shooty” one day, snap on the machine gun. Not feeling so gun-happy? Go ahead and give her real leg a try.

The funny thing? This action figure is PRECISELY how Dan from This Man’s World and I met. I think he blogged about it one day waaay back when, I found it through the miracles of Google and an instant friendship was formed. Heck, we’ve even had burgers together and the dude lives in Iowa. THAT’S WHAT I”M TALKING ABOUT.

And to wrap up parcel week, remember how a long time ago (Wednesday) I said (bragged) that I won something wicked awesome? A little something from a new author that is totally gonna blow it up this year (and the years to come?) Remember that? No? Well, take a gander at what I got today. Boo-ya!

That’s right, doctor. I got my mitts on an advanced copy of Courtney Summers‘ book Cracked Up To Be, which is probably one of the most anticipated YA books…like, ever, yo. (It comes out Christmas Eve Eve). She had a contest, I entered (along with a skillion other people) and as the fates would have it, my name got picked. I never win jack, so I was THRILLED. Plus, she’s good people and has a love of zombies that might rival my own.

Oh? Er…what’s that? You… over there at your computer with no pants on. You have a question? Go ahead.

TKT, why are you covering up the cover? We want to see it, confound it!

There’s some ‘stuff’ going on with the cover and I think (Courts, correct me if I’m wrong) but the cover is going to change. Which mean, not only am I one of the first lucky S.O.B.s that gets to read it, but it’s also now a MAJOR collector’s item! The winning just doesn’t seem to end on Parcel Week!

Thanks Courtney! It got here sooner than I expected! Can’t. Wait. To. Read.

Well, I think that’ll do it for Parcel Week. On behalf of the mail carriers and people who love to say the word ‘parcel’ this has been TKT. Signing off!!!

*For the record, I haven’t even seen ENCHANTED.