Puffy the Pancake Slayer

I really should be putting fingers to keys and getting all the stuff in my head down in an IDEA PIT for Goodhalos II & III. But dang it, I made a promise to my reading audience a while back about the love of a certain breakfast ball and I’ll be danged if I’m not going to stick to it.

Yes. It’s time to write about Pancake Puffs.

First we broke open the box and pulled all the junk out. We then found some pancake mix in the cupboard. And then we…

You know what? Never mind writing about it. Check out the video instead.

So, that’s what our Saturday morning breakfasts look like (thank you Eels for the perfect song!), although I have to admit we (and by “we” I mean Laura) are a lot better at making them than the first couple of go-rounds.

We have yet to try the “flavor injector” but I’m sure we’ll go crazy and blast all kinds of garbage into those puffs. Hey, we’re the Troupes. We’re crazy like that, yo.

Oh…and yes, I did get to enjoy a puff (or 6) of my own. See?

Nothing like a chocolate chip pancake puff and some severe bedhead.