Paid In Full

Oh, there’s so much crap happening, I can’t even begin to keep up anymore. How is it possible that another week has rolled by and the best I could come up with was an old Milli Vanilli picture that was Photoshopped. Well, let’s start at the start, shall we?

Video Guy Again – I know I shouldn’t complain, but the people at my soon-to-be-old-job aren’t going to let me coast through my last week. Oh, heck no. Instead, my boss’s boss, who we’ll call ‘Bill’ thought I should try and do another episode of that goofy ‘Office’ send-up I did back in March. This idea, not only larger in scope (with a larger cast, now) needs to be written, shot and sort of assembled before my last day on Friday. Tall order? Comin’ up.

So I got the thing written and it’s a nasty, evil little video project. People are snarky in the show, they do awful things to each other, they say the worst things possible, and somehow, someway it’s actually kind of funny. I think it’s got a lot more (dare I say it) style than the last script. It’ll be interesting to see if I can pull off filming all the stuff I need in the next few days. It’s ambitious, y’all. Updates as time allows.

Delicious Dividends – Okay, remember that video my friend and I made? The one with the two horribly uncoordinated white guys rapping about Chipotle? This one? Well, I thought it’d be kind of funny to send the link to the big shots at Chipotle HQ and see what they thought of our vocal stylings and what not. I sort of didn’t think we’d get a response.

We did.

The dude wrote back and said:


I watched it, and I must say you guys put some effort into that for sure. And although I wouldn’t necessarily suggest that you guys quit your day jobs and become hip-hop artists, we thought it was a funny video (and yes, I’ve seen Lazy Sunday as well). Please send me your respective mailing addresses, since I’d like to send you guys some free burritos for your efforts.


Joe Stupp

So…yeah. I wrote back and said thanks for watching and all that jazz and today I hit the proverbial jackpot! A card came in the mail from Chipotle stuffed with what looked like playing cards.

These are no ordinary playing cards, friends. If you click on the picture, you can see that these are actually cards that’ll net you ONE FREE BURRITO (or in my case, bol). And the best part? There were 10 of ’em. Yeah…were 10. I already burned through 2 for dinner tonight. Sue me.

As if that weren’t enough, I got an e-mail from a LOCAL Chipotle guy. He wanted to swing by the hospital where I work and bring a bunch of free burritos for the peeps I work with. So…as luck would have it, my last day (this Friday) is going to be free burrito day for me and mine. Seriously. This is going to be so much better than a Goodbye, Good luck Potluck or something.

I’ve Been Married For 4 Years! – So, in a true act of horrible-ness, I neglected to let the rest of the world know of my wedding anniversary last Thursday. The important part? I didn’t forget to wish Laura (my wife! pay attention!) happy anniversary, so I suspect I’m all set for another year. Here’s a random shot from the reception:

That’s my friend MKD, Dumb Ol’ Nick, Laura & the Luckiest Dude in the World hamming it up in Mankato. I’m singing ‘You Give Love A Bad Name’ and hip-checking Laura for some odd reason. Oh, I see there are questions. Yes, you behind the keyboard…

TKT, why is DON wearing what appears to be a superman t-shirt?

Funny story. During our reception, there was an event happening at the place where some people from an organization called the Strength Ministries were doing some sort of show. I think they use the power of Jesus to lift Nissans or something. I’m not sure. Anyway, my friend Nick and Big J went and purchased a t-shirt and proceeded the wear them during the rest of the reception. We’re nothing if we’re not informal. Yes? You staring at the monitor?

Thomas, you look like you weigh as much as Dan Aykroyd in “Driving Miss Daisy.” What up with that?

It’s true. I had a bit of a weight problem back in the day. I couldn’t wait to eat. (rim shot) I look at some of my wedding pictures and I shudder a bit. Not that I’m now super svelte and rippling with muscle and what have you, but I’ve gotten myself whipped into better shape than I was. You wanna see scary? I should break out the pictures of me whilst Laura was preggers with lil’ TKT. Yikes. At 5’9″, I really shouldn’t have weighed 236 pounds. But I did.

Anyway, we had a nice, mellow anniversary. We ordered pizza, played with our kid and just relaxed. 4 years. BAM! Just like that. It’s been a great trip so far. I could wax nostalgic about it, but it doesn’t need to be said. We’re happy people and happy together, yo.

Gratiutious Travis Picture

Somehow he’d gotten into some dinosaur stickers and had fallen asleep with them in his bed. The result was a stickered face. That’s our boy!

Tacs – Have you guys seen the new Pink Grapefruit Tic-Tacs? Expect a full report on them soon. I’ve tasted them and the jury is still out.

Closing Note – I know I’ve been a little flaky about posting and commenting and being a good ol’ internet friend to you. It’s just been nuts around here and things are changing for me on a weekly basis. Just know that I am still peeking in on all of y’all and making sure you’re doing okay. I think things will slacken up a bit by the end of next month (!) and I should be back to some sort of regular schedule with stuff.

Your lovin’,