Quirks – Part 1

Do you ever step outside of yourself, have a good look and think: Seriously. Who is this person of meat I inhabit? What is up with me? Do I really exist like this? And what is UP with the Tic-Tac obsession?

Friends, I have many quirks. Too many to name, actually…but, I thought it might be interesting to examine some of them. Join me, won’t you in this haphazard analysis of one Midwestern man and the things that make me…me?

1. I Have a Favorite Pillowcase – It’s weird, but I do. It’s this old gray pillowcase that is like all smooth and stays cold forever. I’m constantly flipping pillows over looking for the cold spot and this one delivers…every single time. I’ve strayed at times, but I always come back to ol’ faithful.

2. I Eat Karo Syrup – If you haven’t had this on the Eggo waffles in the morning, you seriously don’t know what you’re missing. I can tolerate maple syrup, but it’s really too…what’s the word? Maple-y for my taste. Karo is like a clear glaze of delicious and here’s a shocker: I like things that are delicious. Keep that to yourself.

3. Pens – Remember that post about the red pens way back? Well, that wasn’t just an isolated incident. I have to use a specific pen when I write or sign my name or whatever. It’s this one. Why? The ink dries fast. For LEFTIES (like me) this is vitally important. It makes a satisfying clicking sound when I twist the cap. It’s all futuristic-looking. I just like this pen.

4. I Can’t Fall Asleep Before Midnight – It’s weird. I’ll tell myself: Let’s get to bed at a reasonable time tonight, what do you say? And you know what? It NEVER happens. Even if I have to get up at 4:30am for work or some other such ridiculousness, it just DOESN’T work.

5. Unmelted Cheese – As in…I don’t like it. Seriously. If cheese isn’t melted, I won’t eat it. End of story. But TKT…what about Ritz crackers with a nice piece of cheese on it? No. Please see the part where I said I won’t eat that unmelted cheese. Won’t do it.

6. Sitting Still – I’ve got a weird condition, I think. There’s thing that happens to me if I’m sitting in the same place for to long. I go absolutely crazy and get all panicky and what-not. It’s sort of like being claustrophobic, but different. Example: When I was 14 or so, some friends and I were dropped off at the Science Museum by someone else’s mom at 10am, when it opened. We went through all the exhibits and stuff within a couple hours and we decided it was time to go. The dude who’s mom dropped us off was like: Yeah, my mom is picking us up at 4pm. It was noon. I went crazy and literally was getting sick to my stomach, thinking that we were essentially stuck at the dumb museum for an additional 4 HOURS! I think I’m just fidgety or something. Long story short? Someone else came to pick us up an hour or so later. I lived.

7. Movies on Broadcast TV – We’ve got an unhealthy number of DVDs at the house of Troupe and as such it drives me nuts to watch a movie on TV when we’ve got it on the shelf COMPLETELY UNCENSORED and UNCUT! Why stretch a 90 minute movie to 3 hours AND watch commercials when we could pop it in and enjoy it the way the director intended? Good lord…

8. Opening Credits – When I watch a TV show on DVR, I refuse to skip past the opening credits. I always watch them, whether it’s episode 1 or episode 326. It’s there for a reason…to get me all pumped up to watch. Some of my favorite opening credit sequences? Glad you asked: Prison Break, Veronica Mars, Rescue Me. I think those are my current favs…

9. Concert Banners – When I go to concerts, I become obsessed with trying to find the little advertisement that pimps the show I’m at. If you’ve seen the nerdery posts, you know what I’m talking about. I’ll try like a maniac to find something to take home with me so I can put the ticket on it and frame that bad-boy. Sometimes I’m successful and sometimes not so much. I’m actually running out of wall space, so I might need to stop with the banners, already.

You know, it’s funny…I had like 63 of these things last night when I went to bed (after midnight, on my favorite pillowcased pillow) and now, sitting here in front of the screen, I’m coming up short. Oh well…I’m sure more will come.

For now…I gots to edit.