Random Detritus

  • I have no idea why Cate Blanchett was nominated for her role as Bob Dylan in the movie I’m Not There. I didn’t see the film, but every clip that showed her ‘channeling’ Bobby D was, well…awful. Not for one second did I buy that she was Bob Dylan. To me it looked like a woman in drag trying (unsucessfully) to emulate BD. Sorry Cate, but I’m glad you didn’t nab Oscar gold for that one.
  • What is up with my kid and his potty-training? Glad you asked. He’s been doing pretty well on the ‘potty’ front. The board game I designed (update picture coming soon!) is working like a charm and he’s actually on his 2nd time through it. The only problem? He’s having a hard time…downloading software, if you catch my meaning. What is up with little guys not wanting to release the hounds? Seriously! I’ve had him close and I know there’s a bullet in the chamber, but as soon as I strap on the Pullups he’s wearing…FIRE! He throws mud. In. His. Pants. I’m trying to be patient, but dang…
  • I think Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana is obnoxious.
  • I’ve been watching Veronica Mars on DVD while I workout at the club these days. I’m halfway through Season 1 and I gotta tell you, it’s solid. While it’s nowhere near as awesome as Lost, there’s plenty to like about it. I went out and bought the other 2 seasons (on the cheap!) and I’m not sure why this show didn’t last longer. Maybe I’ll know by the end of Season 3.
  • I’m stoked that No Country For Old Men won all kinds of junk on Oscar night. The Coen brothers are from St. Louis Park, MN, so it’s good to see local guys do well. Also, when I was an intern at the Minnesota Film Board, I got a non-paying gig to help with some of the local casting of Fargo. Afterward, I got to meet Joel Coen and shake his hand. If anyone’s keeping score, he directed my all-time favorite comedy of all time: (seriously…all-time) Raising Arizona. That alone was worth not getting paid.
  • I’ve got like 8 episodes of Intervention to watch on my DVR. Seriously, if I watched them all in a row, I think they’d need to send Jeff VanVonderen over to my house for MY intervention.

“Well, I’ve been here since yesterday and I just see a bunch of people who love you like crazy. So here’s how this’ll work. They’re going to say some things and then you get to say some things and then we’re all done.”