Nerdery Week: Day 2

Man…I’m taking a beating already! More than a few people (ahem!) said my desk was too neat n’ tidy and therefore they didn’t feel up to posting their nerderies for the world to see.

I cry FOUL!

Here’s the thing…I sort of have to have some order to my chaos otherwise I can’t get a lick of work done. On top of that, my lovely wife is not a fan of clutter and mess. This room, er…my nerdery is easily the messiest room in the house. I could open the closets and show you the absolute horror that resides in there, but hey…we got all week.

So for today, I’m going to display some of the items o’ interest on the wall behind where I sit. Sound good? Good…

Here’s shot from the doorway to my basement ‘nerdery.’ This is the back wall that has a built in shelf/ledge/whatever there. You see where the four posters are to the right? Eventually, there’s going to be floor to ceiling bookshelves there. Basically the posters are a place-holder until I can get my dad over to help me with the project. You don’t even want to see the sick stack of books I’ve got.

And now, for some close-ups:

I don’t think I need to tell anyone how cool the movie Blood Simple is, but in case I need to: It’s great. It’s the first major film by Minnesota director/producer team Joel & Ethan Coen. I totally love this poster for a number of reasons.

  1. It’s black n’ red (my favorite colors)
  2. It’s got M. Emmett Walsh on it
  3. The dude’s loading a small pistol.

Below that, we have a couple of puppets. One is Jesus (which my brother bought me for Xmas one year…don’t ask) and the other is a firefighter that my mom bought me last year. It’s fun to put on a show between Beardy (what my son calls Jesus) and Smokey (the firefighter).

Next to that and very small are Master Chief and Arbiter figurines. I got ’em free with my copy of Halo 3 for Xbox 360.

Since I’m also a filmmaker, I’ve got a clapboard and while it doesn’t work like a real one, it’s nerdy enough to warrant a space on the shelf.

In the frame? Why that’s a bloated picture of me with my wife during our honeymoon in Maui. There’s a movie ticket stub for Man on Fire in there. We saw it whilst on vacation.

Okay, so I’ve got a weakness for Angelina Jolie and I’m also a tried and true nerd when it comes to the Tomb Raider video games. Sue me. Can I add to the nerdiness? I bought two replica pistols from the movie and they shoot little plastic pellets. Maybe someday when we do Garage Week! I’ll display them here on Tappity Tapppity.

Below the movie poster you’ll find a couple Lord of the Rings action figures. There’s Sam and Frodo on their crappy little canoe. Sauron is hangin’ out ready to talk smack and…hey, who the hell is that? Is that Lucy from The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe? It is. Probably one of the worst action figures ever made, I got her for a mere .79 in Madison. Never mind her. Treebeard rocks and so does Gollum/Smeagol. Yesssss….preciousssss…

Okay…why is there a poster for the movie Beautiful Girls here among all the nerdy stuff? Why would ANYONE have a poster with Rosie O’Donnell on it hanging in their office of cool nerdiness? Well, it’s like this:

I’m in the movie for like 2.5 seconds. If you own it or rent is (and it’s actually a good movie!) right around the 1:02:27 mark, you’ll see yours truly standing there, watching the band Afghan Whigs. Here’s a screen capture.

There I am next to that poorly Photoshopped arrow. If you blink, you’ll miss me. But seriously, the rest of the movie is decent if not downright hilarious. Some of it was shot in Minneapolis and directed by the late Ted Demme. Hooo…I’ve got stories. As an extra, I saw and experienced quite a bit. Also, Uma Thurman touched my shoulder like 4 times.

Not that I counted.

Below my BG poster is my previously mentioned glow-in-the-dark zombies that Triple S found for me. Next to the wacky undead? Why, that’s a Nazgul doll standing sentinel next to his undead bretheren.

While I’m not a HUGE foreign movie fan, Run Lola Run is probably one of my favorite movies of all time, besides the fact the dialogue is all German. Just a cool, wicked, adrenalin-pumpin’ movie. If you ever need a soundtrack to work out to and you have the means, I highly recommend picking it up. It is so choice.

Below that is a skull snow globe…errr…actually it has little bats instead of snow. Next to that is a black earth paper weight. I got it because it reminded me of Public Enemy’s 3rd album Fear of a Black Planet. Next to that is a photo of my estranged cat, Kato. Check out how killer this picture is:

He’s sitting in an antique box that says KINGSLEY on it. My middle name is KINGSLEY! It’s like the whole world split in half and awesome oozed from the gaping wound!


Next to that is a little brown guy called a Japanese Domo. You may have seen him in a certain e-mail attachment that warns you about doing something that might make God do something awful to kittens. If you don’t know what I’m talking about…uh, let’s move on.

Probably the pride of my movie poster collection is Rushmore. Has there ever been a better movie? Well, maybe. But I still contend that it’s Wes Anderson’s best. Sorry, W. You peaked with this one, yo. Below that is a Ku Tiki or God of Strength. We got him in Hawaii. I think the Brady Bunch left it behind when they were there last. Next to all the crazy phenomena are ol’ Agents Scully and Mulder. They both look like they have no idea how they got here.

What’s that in the corner? Well, that, my friends is a leather coffin backpack I won from Heather Brewer, author of Eight Grade Bites (and the forthcoming sequels). Inside was all kinds of cool vampire stuff, including a signed ARC of EGB. I’ve never worn the backpack, but dang if it doesn’t look wicked in the corner all mysterious-like. On top of the coffin is a toy that Travis keeps breaking, so it’s up there until he can control himself.

Oh, and yes…Jedi Master Yoda is coolin’ out next to the coffin. He talks, teaches you about the force and if he ever kicks the bucket, I’ll probably bury him in the backpack. It’s about the right size.

Okay. I guess this went on a bit longer than expected. I promise to reign it in a bit for the next five days. Until then, check out these Nerdery updates!
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I’ve heard we’ll have some new nerderies joining the fray tomorrow. Stay tuned!!!