Everything’s Comin’ Up Zombies

Today feels like a zombie-kind-of-day, friends.

How so, TKT?
I’m going to break it down for you.
  • I feel like a zombie today. Since I’ve got a 2 (almost 3!) year old who comes in contact with a handful of other kids on a daily basis, he picks up all sorts of fun germs/colds/etc. I got his cold and it LEVELED me. I’m sniffling like an old man with a snot-nose.
  • By request, I am letting a co-worker borrow my copy of Zack Snyder’s remake of the immortal Dawn of the Dead DVD…UNRATED! She asked me if it was scary. Huh. How do you answer that? I think I said: Nah.
  • I’m within reach of having my entire GOODHALO book red-lined. Then, finally, I’ll get to spend the better part of February punching it up and getting it ready to query. I’ve got zombies on the brain, y’all.
  • My critique partner in crime (Triple S) and I met last Sunday morning for a brief meeting, despite the awful, awful deep freeze Minnesota has been subjected to. She presented me with a little blue bag and told me she got me something for my Nerdery* Below are shots of the awesomeness the bag contained:

Seriously. The level of cool reached an all-time apex as I pulled these bad boys out. Triple S pointed out which zombies really wouldn’t fit into my book because of modern additions (briefcase, suit, footwear) to their undead persons. The really cool thing? They GLOW IN THE DARK. Do you think I wasted any time once I got home in holding them under a light in the Nerdery and shutting all the lights down?

I didn’t.

Business Zombie – I like that he’s like hailing a cab. He’s got all kinds of undead business to attend to and the briefcase to prove it. He’s wearing a smart suitcoat, a deluxe tie and he’s ready to face the day/night/apocalypse.

No Skull-Cap & No Shirt Zombie – This zombie looks like a fella who met his untimely death all whilst watching football on the tube. He couldn’t be bothered to put on a shirt and he somehow lost the top of his head, exposing his meaty brain. His arms are extended for quick human-grabbing action.

One-Armed Zombie W/Fetch –
Ol’ One Arm joins our other undead friend in going shirtless. He sports the tattered short pants that are all the rage amonst zombies this season. His loyal dog, Fetch was kind enough to fetch his arm and prominantly displays his prize in his rotten jaws.

Brain-Grabbing Zombie – The only female zombie in the group, BG is palming her bounty of brain like it’s a basketball and she’s ready to drive up the lanes for a layup. She comes complete with housecoat, lush, conditioned hair and nice fuzzy pink slippers to keep those pesky living souls from hearing her shuffle toward them.

I’m going to keep the zombie magic going this weekend by watching Fido and Resident Evil: Extinction on DVD. It’ll even things out methinks.

* The Nerdery is my office, where all the ‘magic’ happens….and by magic, I mean it’s a room where I write, surrounded by all kinds of crap a 35 year old man should be ashamed to own. Also, it has a fridge.