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Red Pen Diaries

Revisions for Goodhalo – First Draft are under way. It wasn’t (and won’t be) easy, but I got a couple of pages marked up real nice n’ red. So much so that my pen (which I suspect was old) ran dry and I had to make a special trip to get ‘the pen’ to mark up my work.

You know…

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Victory for The Travis

We had a completely full couple of days ‘hanging out’ and it, of course, made the weekend scream by. If I were to sum up anything from all the stuff we got done and did, I’d have to say: My kid is growing up. He’s becoming a little man right before my eyes.

Yeah. Humor me, would ya?

The Bee …

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Back In The Groove? Uh. No.

Maybe it was writing a whole novel in 31 days that did this to me, but I swear, I feel like I’ve just the laziest of slobs this last week or so. Seriously. I’ve been jonesing to work on the editing of my GOODHALO novel for a couple of months, but when given the opportunity last night to do that…I …

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Bus Stop Boxer*

He will seriously box you.

He’s got the eye of the tiger. And look, The Joker stopped by.

Halloween Victory

* Song from Eels album ‘Shootenanny’…

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Halloween & Other ‘Fun’ Size Nuggets

Halloween ’07… That’s one for the books, kids.

Firstly, we did a goofy thing here at work. There’s a daycare a few floor below where we train the nurses and doctors to use their new system and someone decided it would be fun to decorate some of our training rooms and have the little tykes come through to collect some …

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NaNo My Butt.

I wrote a novel called Anna 2.0 in 31 days.

And now I’m tired.…

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Anna 2.0 Meter

Not that anyone is paying that close of attention, but my little meter for the progress on Anna 2.0 is off. The numbers are right and I think my math is pretty close, but they’ve taken down the site that gives me that cool little read-out because of the impending NaNoWriMo thingy happening in a couple of days.

So…yeah. 57,000+ …

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Good Fortune

After taking my little fella to his gym class tonight, we stopped at a nearby Chinese buffet for some mouth-watering deliciousness. We usually go there if we don’t want to cook and are so hungry we’re dizzy. After eating, we got some fortune cookies. Laura laughed at how dumb her’s was.

Something about: If you want to fish, you need …

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Oh, Those Japanese!

My pal Sniz had a great post on her site that got me thinking about a website (and the source) I used to frequent a lot and I sort of forgot about. It’s and it’s probably one of the most endearing sites ever. Anyway, check it out. It took some searching, but I found my favorite. Dig it.

Is …

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Flu Shot

So we went and got our annual flu shots last week. I know some people swear by ’em, other people think they’re a bunch of garbage. Personally? I could take them or leave them.

Last year my little guy, Travis could definitely leave ’em.

This year, we prepped him and told him that he was going to get a shot. …

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