Okay, so this is kind of a crazy thing.

I got bored this morning, so I did a search on Amazon for my upcoming kid’s book (PATRICK’S SUPER SOCKS) that’s due out next month and found THIS.

How weird is that? It’s like it’s going to be a real book…you know, like the kind you can order? Sure it doesn’t have any details about what it’s about yet and the cover isn’t on there or anything, but it’s sort of officially official.

Weird, weird, weird.

GOODHALO revisions are still underway. I expect to have a pretty snappy 3rd draft sometime in February or something. I hope.

My dad is having knee replacement surgery today. He had his other knee done a month ago.

Merry Christmas, Dad!

UPDATE: Overstock.com has the cover posted already!

It’s tiny, but that’s my name on there!

This is all just…so…weird to me!