Victory for The Travis

We had a completely full couple of days ‘hanging out’ and it, of course, made the weekend scream by. If I were to sum up anything from all the stuff we got done and did, I’d have to say: My kid is growing up. He’s becoming a little man right before my eyes.

Yeah. Humor me, would ya?

The Bee Movie – Travis has been to 3 movies in the 2 years and 9 months he’s been alive. We went to see CARS way back when it was in theatres and we saw about 30 minutes of it before he decided he’d had enough. I took him to see RATAOUILLE a few months back and we got about halfway through. During that experience, we saw the preview for THE BEE MOVIE and he said: “Oh wow. I want to see that one.” Cut to yesterday… We decided we’d give it a shot. Took the little guy, got him set up with his little kids tray of popcorn, Sierra Mist and some Simpsons fruit snacks and he was ready for action.

The idea that he gets his own ‘pop’ is worth the price of admission.
He had a little trouble during the first 10 minutes and I thought it was over, but I picked him up and sat him on my lap and started telling him what was going on. He was whispering back to me, knowing he had to keep quiet, asking questions that are important to 2 year olds.

“Who is that guy?”
“Why did he do that?”
“Where’s my pop?”

Anyway, I was absolutely floored to discover that we’d made it all the way through. No potty breaks, no breakdowns, no screaming, nothing. My kid made it through a movie. Afterward we congratulated him and he was smiling like he was heading home to open Christmas presents. He even said what is quickly becoming one of my favorite Travis lines.
“I did it!”
As for the movie itself, I thought it was really solid. I’m not a Jerry Seinfeld fan at all and find people who can reference everything in the world to “Remember that one Seinfeld episode where George…” complete bores, but I thought it was a good time. It was the perfect length, the animation was great and some of the jokes were spot-on. God help me, I like something that horse-faced Jerry Seinfeld did.

Someone check the sky for frogs.