Flu Shot

So we went and got our annual flu shots last week. I know some people swear by ’em, other people think they’re a bunch of garbage. Personally? I could take them or leave them.

Last year my little guy, Travis could definitely leave ’em.

This year, we prepped him and told him that he was going to get a shot. We told him it would only ‘pinch’ for a second, but then he’d be fine. Laura went so far as to tell him what to tell the lab tech as soon as he got poked.

He was all smiles as he walked into the room. The lady was nice and prepared him for the worst. We dropped his pants and she had him hold onto Laura and brace for impact.

He got poked. He flinched for a second and then he delivered his rehearshed line like a champ.

“That didn’t hurt,” he told her.

He collected two stickers and and went on his way. That’s my boy.