I Gots To Work On My Pitch

So, here’s something:

While on the way home from a fire call this weekend, my friend TJ asked me about my books. I, of course asked him which one…you know, since I have so many that are stacking up in my office.

He sort of shrugged and said, “The one you’re staying up late and working on. You know, the one that you leave behind to answer fire calls.”

I told him it was going well and that I should be done with it in no time. You know, within a week or something. Pretty much before summer officially ends, which is September 20-something. That’s always been my goal, and you know…I’m gonna make it. I braced myself for the inevitable next question:

“What’s it about?”

I don’t know what it is with this book, but I have a hard time ‘pitching’ it to people who seem to have about 5 seconds worth of interest in hearing what it’s about. I always start by saying:

“It’s going to sound totally dorky, but…”

Then I go into how it’s about clerics and raising the dead and students and teachers and how they discover a terrible secret and learn that something is making all of this happen and then the book sort of ends when it’s at it’s bleakest.

I then add that there are going to be two more installments in the series.

This is usually followed by silence then a quick: “That’s kinda cool.”

Yeah, I need to work on my pitch.