There’s another post beneath this one, but in case you’re tired of hearing about my ‘dumb ol’ book’, I thought I’d give you a glimpse into what happens when you put two brothers (whose last names happen to be ‘Troupe’) into one of those old-time photo booths.

Please note, I can hardly ever take a decent picture.

Shot 1: My brother is pretending to be dropping his pants to show the world (at least the world who looks at these photo strips) his backside. I’m pretending to be a geek, posing for his class picture. (mission accomplished)

Shot 2: My brother, not happy with his face on the first ‘fake butt shot’ takes another stab. I quickly find some sunglasses in my pocket and pretend like there’s something interesting up in the corner, there.

Shot 3: My brother sees something interesting in the opposite corner. I look like I’ve just eaten an Ex-Lax chocolate bar.

Shot 4: My brother slaps on his ‘I’m smiling, but I hate you’ smile and I’m donning my ‘I just drank 12 Miller High Lifes in the 2 seconds since the last picture and I’m gonna be sick’ face.