To The Sound of Drumming…

I’m beginning to think I’m corrupting my kid.

A couple weeks back we bought him a couple of ‘fun daggers.’ They’re little foam swords perfect for fighting imaginary monsters…and for drumming.

Lately, that’s all Travis wants to do. He comes home from daycare and immediately he asks: ‘Where’s my swords?’ When he finds them, he locates the loudest possible source for his drumming fun and he pounds.

And pounds. And pounds on said item.

It’s funny. Every once in a while he throws lyrics in for songs and drums to the rhythm of his little voice. Sometimes its the ABC song, mixed in with ‘Twinkle, Twinkle’, blended nicely with lyrics from the new Tegan and Sara album The Con (already album of the year in my humble opinion).

Side note: If you clicked the link and noticed the Parental Advisory sticker on the front, fear not. The sticker is only on the ‘special edition’ which comes with a DVD. The music (and lyrics) are clean as a whistle. I have yet to watch the DVD myself, let alone ‘corrupt’ my kid any further.

Also, please ignore the messiness of the room. Right now, that’s where all the stuff we don’t- know-what-to-do-with goes. It’s a work in progress, y’all.

Anyway, it’s just me and the little guy this weekend. Laura has gone on a much needed ‘girl’s weekend’ with her sister, mom and some aunts and cousins to Madison, Wisconsin.

Gotta go. We fellers need to rassle up somthin’ to eat.


T & T