Things I’m Looking Forward To…

Trying to kick out a full length novel over the course of a summer isn’t easy. Trying to do 60% of it in the last month is downright intimidating. Because August is Fast Draft Month for me and a slew of folks on the Verla Kay Blue Boards, I’ve given up a lot of stuff to make this happen.

When September 1st hits, I’m going to unbutton the top button my shorts and relax in the laziest ways possible. Here’s a list of stuff I’m looking forward to doing:

1. Vids – I’ve abandonded all of my video games so that I don’t whittle away countless non-productive hours exploring video temples, shooting animated aliens, and driving ultra fast cars into oncoming traffic. It’s a hard world to tear yourself away from, but I’m coming up on the halfway point.

2. DVDs – Seriously. I’ve picked up an insanse number of DVDs, only to shelve them for a time (Sept) when I can sit down and enjoy them. Among my recent buys: Reno 911: Season 4, Popeye Cartoons from 1933-1938, Children of Men, Animal House, and countless others…

3. Reading – While I managed to finish Harry Potter 7 and avoid any spoilers whatsoever, I’m looking forward to reading something…um, else. I’ve had The Walking Dead sitting on my shelf for a month now (I’m gettin’ to it, Stan) and there are more books waiting for me than I could ever possibly finish.

4. Going Out – Sure my close friends all have kids now, too. But dang it. It’s been too long since I’ve hit the town, TKT style for some good times and fast laughs. Once this book is drafted, it’s on…like Donkey Kong.

I’m a simple man. I don’t need much. I just want to get my big ol’ book done. You know, so I can start working on the next one.