Closing In

Well, I’m getting ever-closer to getting my work-in-progress GOODHALO done. While I don’t know that 75,000 words will finish it off, I do see the end of this first book in sight. I have a feeling it’s going to take 90,000 to get it told and that I probably won’t be able to finish it by September 1st.

That’s totally fine, though. My goal was to get it done by summer’s end. That’s not the official end of the season, now is it?

It’s been an interesting weekend regardless. Here are some briefs to keep it brief.

– Went to 2 weddings over the weekend. Two on one day. One was my cousin (who wore a dress that would make a stripper blush) and the other was a good friend from high school. Made a fool of myself on the dance floor, saw some people I haven’t talked to in ages. Good times.

– Saw the movie ‘Superbad’ on Friday night. My wife’s been having a tough time at work, so I arranged an impromtu ‘date night’ to get her in better spirits. I sent her roses and sunflowers (her favorite) with a note that said: “Don’t let the bastards get you down.” I got my folks to watch Travis and we had a good time. I might review Superbad later, but know I thought it was fantastic.

– My wife’s birthday was today. The kid and I got her some cards, a couple lil’ gifts and the promise that a few more were on the way. Stupid delivery times. It’s too bad one can’t find cool stuff in the stores anymore.

– I ended up staying home today to take care of Travis who had a real case of ‘the swamp ass.’ In fact, I heard him crying upstairs just a few minutes ago in bed. Sure enough, he released the hounds. Poor little guy. I’m hoping he rides this thing out.

– Had a dream that I caught my mom smoking. She’s been off the cigs for about 4 months after a lifetime of smoking. If you know me even remotely, you’ll know I have zero patience for smoking. In my dream I cursed my mom out and made her leave her own house to go and smoke in the rain. Crazy. I should really work for those Truth ads they have on TV. I could scare some people straight, methinks.

I think that’ll do it. I just got done writing 3,000 words and spending any more time behind this keyboard tonight just doesn’t sound like a blast.

Hasta la taco, Tappers.