Things That Have Happened Recently

Little TKT in a rare moment of charity, 7.4.07

I gotta prepare my latest entry in the Thursday 13 series, so I’ll hit you up with some quickies.

1. Dyed my hair. Got sick of looking like my dad, so I darkened it up. Funny thing. People would always comment on my graying hair (you look so distinguised!). So far one person (besides my wife) has even noticed. Figures.

2. Got rejected by a publisher who read THE SHORT BUS JOURNAL. Got a nice, personalized letter. So, it’s not a total loss.

3. Wrote a good chunk of GOODHALO. It’s gonna be done by summer’s end. I can feel it. Made some big strides and I’m excited with where it’s going. I hate to sound cliched, but the damn thing is writing itself!

4. Bought tickets to go see Tegan & Sara (my kid’s favorite band). Got great seats and everything. Problem is, they’re not coming until November 30th! New album on Tuesday. That’ll hold me over.

5. Got word that my editor contact received my proposal(s) and is passing it on to the product development team. Long story short? She must’ve thought it was worth passing on and now it’s at stage two. She said, and I quote: I will be sending your proposals through our lengthy product process. I’ll do my best to get you comments by the end of the summer. Thanks, Thomas.

Works out perfectly. By the time Goodhalo is 1st drafted by the end of summer, I’ll hear if they want me to slap together some more early readers. It could be a few, it could be as many as 20 (or more!). Hey, whatever it takes to fatten up that publishing credits paragraph in my query letter.

Baby steps, y’all. Baby steps.