Home Alone…Sort Of

Well, it’s true. I’ve got the whole house to myself for a couple of days. That’s not entirely true. My dog, Nigel, is here, too but he tends to just hang out on his own. He’ll park by a window, look out for a couple hours, hide out in his kennel, sleep, whatever.

He might be a cat. I need to check on that.

So, Laura (my wife) is on a business trip and Travis (my kid) is staying with grandma and grandpa for a couple days. Normally, he’d be home with me, but I need to get up waaay early to get to work on time for the next four days. Since we can’t drop him off at daycare until 7:15, Mama & Papa Troupe have come to save the day.

Sucks, though. I miss ’em both. My wife and kid, I mean.

Anyway, I guess there are some benefits.

1. I can respond to any fire calls (or ambulance calls) that come in.
2. I can get some writing done. A lot of writing done.
3. I can sleep in the guest room where the bed is triple comfy. (I likes to mix it up.)
4. I can watch a movie and have the volume WAY up.
5. I can eat Chipotle for my next 3 meals.

Okay, so there are only a couple benefits.