Well, it’s not huge, but it sort of is to me, so I’ll post about it.

Remember that swell agent I mentioned a post or so ago? HR? Remember her?

Well, I got a request to send her my FULL manuscript yesterday. Considering she’s only the SECOND person to request it, I’m breaking into impromptu white-boy dances left and right.

And checking my e-mail constantly…

And checking my voicemail…

And probably setting myself up for disappointment.

But still, that’s cool, no? She read 30 pages of THE SHORT BUS JOURNAL and wanted to keep reading. I mean, if she thought it sucked or didn’t hold up, she would’ve abandoned it after page 2 or 3. Right???

So, I’m going crazy and anxious trying to remind myself that thousands of people around the world get FULL MANUSCRIPT requests all the time. Not all of them get agents.

But dang…it’d sure be swell.