So Fresh and So Clean-Clean


I’ve sort of abandoned my old blog in the hopes that I’ll get back into a regular routine of blogging about my adventures in the world of writing/publishing/rejection…and more.

Yep. I was poring over my last blog and realized what an INCREDIBLE BORE I sound like. I had the tendency to just post when I got a rejection and would follow that up by giving myself a kick in the proverbial pants to get back out there and fight.

Pretty lame, actually.

So, this is my attempt to reinvent myself in the land o’ blogging.

My hope is you’ll see that I’m not just a mopey ‘why won’t they publish my IMPORTANT works?’ kind of author. There really is nothing more miserable than hearing other people complain about what ISN’T going well for them.

Ugh. Already boring myself. If you want to see my old blog, it’s still here until I decide what the heck to do with it. I’ll probably put it into an abandoned Ford Taurus, put it in neutral and watch it roll down the hill toward a nitroglycerin factory. Oh, and there might be some fire involved. A flaming Ford Taurus.