100 Things About Me…TKT

This will take me more than one sitting, so I’ll do what I can and add more as I think of ’em.

1. I have a 2 year old son. His name is Travis.
2. I’ve been married for 3 years. My wife’s name is Laura.
3. I was married before. Didn’t turn out. I won’t tell you her name.
4. I’m a picky eater. (That’s not why I got divorced)
5. I could eat the same thing 3 meals a day, 7 days a week.
6. That thing? Chipotle’s chicken burrito bowl (black beans, extra chicken, tomatoes, green chile salsa, lettuce with Tabasco dashed on).
7. I’m totally serious.
8. I am a geek and have the cluttered office to prove it.
9. I just bought the new Bjork album today.
10. If you only know her from the infamous Swan Dress, you’re missing out.
11. I was supposed to see her in Chicago this weekend. (5.12.07)
12. Instead I’m going to my dad’s 60th b-day party.
13. I think Orange Tic-Tacs are absolutely delicious.
14. I eat them like candy.
15. I am a paid-on-call firefighter/EMT for the City of Woodbury.
16. I’ve been doing that for almost 4 years.
17. My anniversary date for the FD is 9.11.03. Easy date to remember, hard to forget.
18. I have a brother named Rob. He’s one of the funniest people I know.
19. I don’t have any other siblings.
20. My parents are alive and well and have been married for pretty much forever.
21. My name is my real name. I didn’t just ‘make it up.’
22. My middle name, Kingsley, was my great-great grandfather’s last name. Since he only had daughters, the name sort of died with him. My mom thought it would be cool to give me that as a middle name.
23. I hated my middle name when I was a kid. I would avoid telling people what it was.
24. I like it now. In fact, my close friends call me ‘Kingsley.’
25. I think it sounds ‘author-y.’
26. I have a dog named Nigel.
27. We think he’s deaf in both ears. He’s only 4 years old. Yikes.
28. I don’t watch a lot of TV.
29. I do watch a lot of DVDs.
30. I’ve got a lot of them. I’m almost embarassed to admit how many I own.
31. It’s kind of a sickness.
32. Speaking of sicknesses, I’m very goofy about letting people borrow them from me.
33. One dude I know has had Season 2 of 24 for almost 2 years.
34. That totally makes me mad.
35. I might get to write for a children’s television program.
36. I’m thinking that might help out the ol’ novel-writing career thing. It would at least look good on a resume.
37. I should hopefully find out here in the next week or so. I’m getting antsy working at my day job.
38. I have a co-worker that I really don’t like. I don’t hate many people, but this guy I really hate.
39. I need to move on.
40. I’m left handed.
41. We haven’t figured out if my son is left-handed yet or not. As far as I can tell, the little dude is ambidextrous.
42. That would be cool, too.
43. I’m a good dad.
44. I brag about my son all the time and think he’s the coolest thing since sliced bread.
45. He’s going to be a big reader when he gets older. He already sees (at age 2) the value of books.
46. I fought a fire last night. (5.20.07)
47. It was in a townhouse.
48. The guy left something to burn in his stove. Now all of his crap is melted and/or smells like smoke.
49. My favorite beer is Miller High Life.
50. It’s the Champagne of Beers.
51. Funny thing is, I don’t drink very often at all. Has to do with being a firefighter. If I have a beer (or any other boozy drink) I can’t respond to fire or EMT calls for 8 hours.
52. Good thing I didn’t care much about drinking to begin with.
53. I think I thought about beer because of the day I’m having.
54. New topic: We’re in the planning stages of Kid #2.
55. We feel like Travis (my son, remember him?) needs a little guy/gal around the house. We do too.
56. I don’t care if it’s a girl or a boy. I just want him/her to be healthy.
57. I know, everyone says that.
58. I used to have a cat. His name was Kato. Not like Kaelin. More like Kato of Green Hornet fame.
59. My wife is allergic to cats, so we gave him to some good people. They renamed him ‘Thud.’
60. What a crappy name. Oh, well.
61. I like zombies.
62. It’s more like an infatuation, really. I dig zombie movies and my new book that I’m working on (Goodhalo) is book one of a 3 book series that involves zombies.
63. It’s going to be awesome and should shake up the Young Adult genre a bit.
64. I still have delusions of grandeur that I will finish my Middle Grade series. It was going to be 10 books long, but I shelved the first 2 and 1/4 because I don’t think the world is ready for them yet.
65. Or is it that they aren’t ready for the world? I forget.
66. I’m a bit of a filmmaker.
67. In a couple weeks, I’m going to reprise my role as Darryl Holder and I’m one of the stars of the upcoming indie low-budget film ‘Art of War.’
68. I didn’t write it or anything, but if I had my way, I’d change the title. There was a crappy Wesley Snipes movie of the same name. I think it’ll confuse people.
69. If you’ve never seen me act (and I’m not that good) check out these links (it’s in 4 parts):
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 (which shows my big scene), Part 4
70. I had a small part in this movie, but people seemed to like my character a lot, so the director wrote in a huge part for me in the new flick.
71. So that’s kind of cool.
72. I realized I’m not doing a good job with this 100 things thing. I’m just sort of rambling.
73. I watch DVDs while I work out.
74. It’s awesome. I strap a portable DVD player to the elliptical runner at the health club I go to and I watch episodes of TV shows.
75. 45 minutes whips by in no time at all.
76. I can’t believe more people don’t do that.
77. I hate commercials. (see #74)
78. I also hate some of the meat-heads who strut around the club like they’re god’s gift to the healthclub industry.
79. I imagine they go home after working out and stare at the wall and count down the the minutes until they can go back to the health club.
80. That kind of crap makes me smile.
81. Sweet Jesus, I gotta come up with 20 more of these things?
82. Maybe I’m not as interesting as I thought.
83. Hmmm…something random. Here: I once had a pet tarantula.
84. His name was Spike.
85. I had him from the time I was in 5th grade up until I moved out to California for 9 months.
86. That’s like 13 years.
87. I buried him in the front yard of my apartment building in Mar Vista, California.
89. My wife won’t let me get a new one.

Final 11 coming up….